How to Be Safe Consuming Cannabis Candies

How to Be Safe Consuming Cannabis Candies

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Cannabis gummies and other cannabis-infused candies are all the rage with Baby Boomers and Seniors. That’s because they are easy to consume. There’s no need to smoke or use special equipment and they also taste great. But, like all cannabis edibles, there is a need for a word of caution, especially to new cannabis consumers or those who are coming back to it after many years away. Here’s a guide on how to be safe and still enjoy your gummies, cookies, mints, and yes, even brownies. (click the link for more info.)

For many older adults, smoking cannabis is simply not an option, either because they cannot tolerate inhaling smoke or because smoking is prohibited in their place of residence. Measuring out drops of cannabis tincture can also require more dexterity than one may have at hand. Yet eating half a gummy or sucking on a mint is an easy and convenient way to take one’s cannabis medicine, particularly where discretion is advised.

But before trying any cannabis-infused sweet, a healthy dose of caution is in order. And knowing what constitutes a healthy dose is key to achieving a successful self-care regimen.[…]

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