What You Should Pay for Cannabis, According to a Budtender

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Legal cannabis is generally going to be more expensive than black market cannabis. But how much should you expect to pay for it? What’s less expensive? Flower or pre-rolls? Vape pens or gummies? All good questions and the answers depend on a number of things, including which state you’re shopping for your cannabis. So, why not ask someone who sells it for a living? Here’s what lifehacker.com learned about what you should pay for legal cannabis.

To know what you’re getting—and whether it’s worth paying for—you need to talk to a cannabis expert. I reached out to Colorado budtender Mckayla Cecil to learn how consumers can determine whether they’re paying too much for legal weed, what type of weed gives you the best bang for your buck, and why we should always tip our budtenders. […]

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