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Hemp Clothing: Buy it. Wear it. Here’s Why and How

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Hemp clothing is not new. But, do you buy it? Do you wear it? Probably not. That’s understandable. It’s not been easy to find, but that’s changing now.

Cannabis and CBD products are really popular and for good reason. They work as advertised. Hemp is, of course, cannabis but essentially without the high. It’s also now legal to grow in the US after decades of prohibition. Now that the Farm Bill passed and legalized hemp growth, hemp clothing and other hemp products are regaining their much-deserved position in the American consumer’s marketplace.

Why buy it?

As farmers face uncertain markets due to the ongoing trade war with China, they are looking at other crops that could provide them with some security. Hemp is that crop. But, we all have to do our part to make it work for farmers and for our economy. Right now, most of the attention around hemp farming has been focused on the production of CBD. But, soon you’ll be seeing more uses for hemp being brought back into the mainstream. Products like hempcrete for building, cosmetics, hemp-based materials for the auto industry, and of course, hemp textiles and hemp clothing.

With its airy weight, breathability, and soft texture, hemp turns out to be the perfect fiber for all your summer wardrobe staples. […]

Hemp clothing is durable, comfortable, and cool. Virtually any clothing that is made from cotton, for instance, can be made from hemp. Cotton takes much more water to grow and depletes the soil much more intensely than hemp. Plus, hemp can actually pull toxins out of the soil and make it better and cleaner. That’s pretty cool.

How to buy it.

So, there are lot’s of reasons to wear hemp clothing but how can you buy it? Where can you buy it? Well, as it turns out, hemp clothing has become pretty fashionable and isn’t just the stuff of hippie culture anymore. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!) Now you’ll find major labels carrying hemp clothing that you’ll be proud to be seen in and it’s available online and at major retailers.

Levis and Patagonia are just two of the major labels you’ve heard of that carry hemp clothing. There are also a lot of other labels you should check out as well. They include Tact & Stone, the aptly named-Hempys, Wama and Recreator, just to name a few.

So check out some hemp clothing and feel good about it and wear it with pride. You’re doing a good thing and you’ll look awesome.

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