Most CBD brands do not seem to get that it is for health and wellness and that CBD products should be made with healthy ingredients.

Healthy CBD Products for People with Medical Conditions

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by Richard Lowe

Life is challenging, there is no question. Yes it is true that plenty of people seem to navigate the ups and downs effortlessly, but behind closed doors even those people need to decompress. Wellness products are probably less on the minds of healthy vigorous people than the minds of people struggling with medical conditions and looking for relief. If you don’t have any aches and pains, if you aren’t anxious all of the time, then why would supplements, painkillers, anxiolytics or things like CBD products cross your mind as much? They wouldn’t because when you’re busy skipping through life, well…you’re busy skipping.

Why then are so many of the products on the market designed for the super healthy or people not counting calories? The comforting effects of cannabidiol (CBD) mean the least to these people. What about the person that thinks their body is a temple and works out vigorously everyday? They are not putting large quantities of sugar, fat or artificial ingredients into their bodies, but the idea of an all natural product like cannabidiol may appeal to them to help alleviate muscle soreness and inflammation from those intense workouts. Then there are those people with gluten or soy allergies. Some people are lactose intolerant or diabetic. Are they left with no alternative but dirt tasting plain hemp oil?

Laura Brenner – Cancer Survivor

Laura Brenner used hemp oil to focus and get a good night sleep while fighting cancer and oversees the quality of all Sugar and Kush CBD products
Laura Brenner

There are some amazing stories about people that have used cannabis to help them recover from all sorts of problems, including cancer. While there is some scientific evidence backing many of these claims, for the most part they remain unsubstantiated and do not have the rigorous peer reviewed evaluations of scientists to back them up yet. Scientists are learning more about cannabis everyday though, so we have every reason to believe more peer reviewed studies are on the way. Some stuff is logical though. A woman named Laura Brenner founded a company called Sugar and Kush inspired by her experience with hemp oil while she battled stage 3 ovarian cancer in her early thirties. After researching her disease she concluded that she needed to do everything she could to make her body as healthy as possible so that her treatments had the best chance of fighting off the disease. It was a very real life situation that required intense discipline.

When her battle first began she came upon some stories about how cannabis had helped others with cancer and thought that it fit for her, as an all-natural holistic alternative for pain and anxiety relief. She does not claim that cannabis saved her life, but does think it made a profound difference as one piece of a much larger puzzle. Laura made the hemp oil at home and took it with other all natural vegan ingredients. It helped her get a good natural night’s sleep by reducing inflammation and helping her stave off the worries that were keeping her awake. She had no choice but to make sure that she only ever added hemp oil to food that was low-sugar because that is what her body needed. Laura is the perfect example of who CBD can benefit the most. Sugar and Kush CBD products to this day are all designed for people with severe medical conditions, along with diabetics, those with food allergies, following the keto diet or just looking to live a healthier life. Let’s review what is out there these days for the above listed people in terms of CBD.

What are CBD Based Products?


Recipes are not products, however cooking shows, videos and articles may be the first exposure to cannabidiol for a lot of people. It seems as though nearly every website out there concerning cannabis has a recipe section. Cooking with cannabis is all the craze these days. Then hemp derived CBD became legal in December of 2018. It opened doors for industrial hemp business owners to gain more access to banking, merchant processors and ultimately more money. We have seen those marijuana recipes seamlessly transform into CBD recipes. Anybody want a CBD cookie? Sure, brownies and cookies are delicious regardless of whether there is cannabidiol in them. While CBD and THC come from the same plant, in all reality they are very different and appeal to very different demographics. THC has real medical value, but cannaoil or cannabutter mostly has to do with getting high. If that is the objective, then pour on the sugar and calories and let’s make this as fun as possible.

CBD isn’t getting anyone high though. It is for health and wellness and appeals the most to people with problems that don’t have the luxury of scarfing down unhealthy food. Do you see the contradiction here? CBD recipes and products should be made for the people that are struggling with discomfort and in turn people with food allergies, diabetes and calorie counters. Watching cooks put CBD in Eggs Benedict or chocolate chip cookies has to be a little confusing to viewers. Does CBD cancel out the fact that I am putting these other ingredients in my body that are not good for me? No. It would make more sense for CBD recipes to be built around healthy food that still tastes good. Somebody should start a vegan CBD recipe site that focuses on dishes with small amounts of sugar and gluten. That would make much more sense.


Cannabis oil often tastes very earthy but that is all many people struggling with medical conditions are left with since most CBD products are made with unhealthy ingredients.

One of the most common CBD products out there are CBD oils or tinctures. These are the best options, in most cases, for people struggling with a medical condition or watching their weight. They tend to be plain oil that taste a lot like hemp. Now, if you haven’t tasted hemp before, it has this earthy, all natural taste to it. Terpenes vary a little bit, but mostly they taste like dirt. It’s just the truth. After you have tried them a few times you might find yourself wondering where you might be able to find a mint or something. If you haven’t noticed, vegans take cooking seriously. They are always whipping up these elaborate dishes because it helps them cope with their cravings. This is a vegan’s mentality towards food, make it taste good and chew it slowly. It stands to reason that a flavored CBD oil would be more appealing to most people than one that tastes like hemp. A little vanilla flavoring can go a long way, just not with too much sugar, if any. You would be hard pressed to find another low-calorie, low-sugar flavored CBD oil on the market, other than Sugar and Kush CBD drops.


Sugar and Kush CBD gummies are made for people that have severe medical conditions, allergies, following the Keto diet or have diabetes.
Sugar and Kush CBD Gummies

Another popular product is CBD gummies. Now we are talking. Fun little gummy bears can go a long way in making the addition of cannabidiol to your daily routine more enjoyable. That is if the gummy bears are not made with too much sugar. Go to the store and buy some Haribo if you want to gulp down handfuls of candy gummy bears. Part of taking cannabidiol is dosing it. A single CBD 25mg gummy bear may be all that a person needs at a time. If they need a CBD 100mg dose, then they eat four gummy bears, not handfuls of gummy bears. At most someone might need a CBD 400mg dose and that would take exactly 16 gummies. The sweeter the gummy, the more people will want to gobble them up and treat them like exactly what they are, candy. That is just not what cannabidiol is all about. Make the gummies taste good, but do not make them unhealthy. That brand that thinks that turning CBD into candy is a good idea is also eliminating possibly their biggest demographic.

Baked Goods

Baked goods infused with CBD are a bit more tricky. First, baked goods often have a lot of gluten in them. To remove gluten from breads, pastries and desserts almost feels like you should just give up on baked goods all together. But gluten allergies are common and so we see more and more gluten free products on the market. If cannabidiol should be focused on wellness, then why not use gluten free ingredients for CBD edibles? Find some innovative way to make them tasty too and the people that need cannabidiol will appreciate it. Good luck trying to find gluten free CBD baked goods though. Again, Sugar and Kush CBD cookies and CBD brownies are about the only ones on the market.

Only Sugar and Kush CBD brownies are made with healthy enough ingredients that most people struggling with medical conditions could consider using them to dose.

Baked goods like cookies and pastries can also be very high in both calories and sugar as well. It makes little sense to pack cannabidiol into cookies and pastries that are unhealthy. It’s defeating the purpose. If someone wants a tasty alternative for taking cannabidiol, then make it a healthy one that they can take in moderation and dose themselves properly. Don’t even give them the temptation to eat a dozen cookies and flood their body with hundreds of milligrams of CBD at a time. They are likely paying a higher price for these cookies too because they contain cannabidiol.

What is CBD Good For?

So, what sort of ailments can cannabidiol actually help with? Well, we find out more everyday. The most recent study by one of the top scientists in the world on addiction relapse, Dr. Yasmin Hurd, suggests it may be the key stopping opioid addiction relapses. There is ongoing research on whether it can help people with schizophrenia, Parkinson’s Disease and other mental health problems. One of cannabidiol’s most well known qualities is its ability to reduce seizures. The FDA even approved an anticonvulsant cannabidiol based pharmaceutical drug for certain types of epilepsy. There is a recent WebMD article about how cannabidiol is helping to treat a very rare form of childhood epilepsy. It is well known as an anti-inflammatory agent, helping people to combat many different chronic pain issues. As it turns out, if a person is getting help with all of those different problems, then consequently it can also help people sleep at night considering it’s usually those sorts of problems keeping them awake.

Who Does CBD Appeal To?

Early Enthusiasm

The whole idea of cannabis as a wellness product is new. A lot of people still don’t even know that there is a lot more to the Cannabis sativa plant than just THC. The idea of a non-psychoactive cannabinoid like cannabidiol is just puzzling to them. If it doesn’t get you high, then what’s the point? A lot of people still don’t know the difference between hemp and marijuana. If they heard that hemp was legalized with the 2018 Farm Bill, for all they know that means marijuana is legal.

So, everyone is curiously trying these products to see what all the hubbub is about and if they feel this dramatic difference after taking it. Your average healthy person may not feel much of anything after taking cannabidiol, because again, they don’t have the problems that CBD products are supposed to treat. So, the early enthusiasm is leading to a huge wave of interest that will likely begin to recede in time until it is specifically adopted as part of the health and wellness sector of commerce.

Older Generations

For the older generations, people with arthritis and the simple aches and pains of getting older, CBD may be able to benefit those individuals the most. Recovering from major heart surgery may require a very strict diet too. Most brands do not fit the bill for our grandparents. They are left with consuming hemp tasting plain oil or concentrates. The possibility of eating a CBD gummy or cookie that tastes good is something they may have given up on entirely. Put some dirt tasting hemp oil under the tongue and be happy with it, is what most brands are saying it seems.

Those with Medical Conditions

CBD for anxiety has turned out to be one of the biggest benefits of CBD.

A person with Crohn’s Disease or colitis may find cannabidiol to be the greatest thing ever put on the planet. People rave about how much it can calm down stomach and intestinal issues. CBD oil for PMS is a trending topic amongst women too. Here is a list of some of the conditions that have either been verified as one of the benefits of CBD or are at least being researched.

  • Arthritis and other autoimmune disorders that cause inflammation
  • Opioid Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Epilepsy

Health and Fitness Conscious Individuals

CBD is helping people focused on their physical fitness with muscle soreness and joint pain.

Last, but not least, are the people that just love physical fitness, strive for a 0% body fat and generally see their body as a temple. These people tend to be very healthy and physically fit. They could probably afford to gorge on sweets and fatty foods from time to time, but they don’t. If looking to relieve some stress and some muscle soreness from their aggressive workouts appeals to them, then so would cannabidiol. Like most individuals that CBD could help, they are not interested in food that is bad for them. They want healthy, low-calorie, low-sugar CBD foods and so they are left with few alternatives but hemp tasting oils.


The industry is confusing. It’s hard to tell the difference between it and the medical and recreational marijuana markets. That could be due to the fact that the FTC has not implemented its rules on how it can be marketed, or that the FDA has yet to say what is okay to claim as the benefits of CBD. A sort of gray market may have surfaced during this limbo period between federal legalization of all industrial hemp derived products and oversight from regulatory bodies. The FDA just held its first public hearing about brand CBD products on May 31st, so oversight is coming. In the meantime, it’s the Laura Brenners of the world that are seeing the big picture.  

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