Half Of Americans Think The Smell Of Weed In Public Is A Real Problem

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As more and more Americans enter the world of cannabis consumption, some thought needs to be given to the method of that consumption. It seems not everyone is as into the smell of cannabis smoke coming from a joint, bong, pipe, or vape. In fact, half of the Americans surveyed recently didn’t like the smell of cannabis. So, remember to be polite, respectful, and understanding if you are a cannabis enthusiast.

Twenty-three percent of Americans affirmed “I hate when I smell cannabis in public,” and another 18% said they don’t enjoy it — that contrasts with 18% who said they do like the smell in public. Forty-one percent said they don’t notice or don’t care.[…]

Does the smell of cannabis bother you or others around you? Do you smoke it or vape it? Do you think there should be regulations that prohibit those forms if ingestion? Share your Cannabis In Real Life thoughts in the Contact Form below or email us here.

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