Gas Station CBD is a Thing. Count on it.

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Move over coffee, donuts, and lottery tickets. Gas station CBD is a thing and it’s going to be huge. There’s nothing hotter than CBD right now. It’s already about to go on sale at select Kroger grocery stores, CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid outlets. Other well-known retail outlets will likely be following suit very shortly.

But, you have to admit, having CBD for sale on the counter of your local Chevron, Shell, Arco, BP, or Sunoco gas station is going to be big.

The gas station CBD deal is happening because of an agreement between the Asian American Trade Associations Council (AATAC) and multistate dispensary operator, Harvest Health & Recreation. The AATAC members own approximately 90,000 gas station or convenience stores in the US. Roughly 10,000 of those outlets will begin carrying CBD to start with. Eventually, as many as 30,000 total locations to carry gas station CBD.

How big is this deal?

The Brightfield Group, an organization that tracks these sorts of things, predicts total US CBD sales will top $22 billion by 2022. Of that, these gas stations and convenience stores could account for $8-10 billion of those sales. Like I said, gas station CBD sales are going to be huge.

This exclusive partnership enables a massive advance in distribution for Harvest-owned CBD brands and follows our strategic path of expanding the scale of our wholesale and retail distribution nationally. Demand for CBD is unprecedented and by delivering leading products in 10,000 accessible locations gives us an unparalleled reach to consumers 

-Jason Vedadi, chairman of Harvest Health

Harvest Health, the company that will be supplying the 10,000 outlets to begin with, has three of their product lines set to go. They’ll offer their Colors, CBx Essentials, and their Harvest Health lines.

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