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Gardening Stores Offering Cannabis Growing Classes

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by Dan Larkin.

Gardening stores are offering cannabis growing classes. You may be surprised by who’s attending. It’s a growing trend (pun intended) that could be coming to a gardening store near you.

Now, of course, it helps to live in a state that has legalized the growing and possession of cannabis plants by adults. That’s a given. It also helps if the gardening store is local and not a national chain. Those big chains are rightfully more concerned about violating federal laws prohibiting growth, sale, and possession of cannabis.

But let’s take a look at a couple of gardening stores that offer classes or workshops that teach the useful art of planting, growing, and harvesting one of nature’s great gifts- the cannabis plant.

Mass. gardening store cannabis classes

In Massachusetts, it’s legal for adults to grow 6 cannabis plants at home, with a total of 12 plants per household. It just has to be for personal use; not for sale.

So, Bryan Kelly, owner of Kelly’s Home & Garden stores in two locations in Massachusetts (Palmer and Westfield), has jumped on the cannabis bandwagon and started offering cannabis cultivation classes designed for the beginner. And let’s face it, everyone’s a beginner, right? (wink, wink)

Kelly’s Home & Garden. source:

So what do you learn in these classes? What does it cost? And, who’s attending? Well, let’s take a look.

It turns out the classes offered at Kelly’s gardening stores cost $25 per person. The classes cover all the basics of planting cannabis and the best practices for growing it. They also cover laws associated with growth and possession of cannabis, just to help keep everyone legal. So that’s cool. Classes are held twice a month at both locations.

Here’s something that might surprise you. The majority of the attendees are not young. They’re baby boomers and seniors.

“A generational thing for sure. It’s largely the baby boomer generation. I would say the average age of our students is between 60 to 60 plus. People looking to get off of medication, sleep aids,” 

Bryan Kelly, owner of Kelly’s Home and Garden stores in Massachusetts.

But, if you think about it, boomers and seniors have more aches and pains from aging, arthritis, and the likes. Plus, we (yes, I’m a boomer) are probably all looking for safe, healthy alternatives to expensive prescription meds. On top of that, boomers and seniors may have more time to take classes. So, it makes sense, right?

Who else has classes?

In Los Angeles, Fig Earth Supply store offers occasional cannabis growing workshops. Thes intensive workshops are designed and taught by professional growers and cover all aspects of successful, organic outdoor growing & harvesting.

Fig Earth Supply in Los Angeles.

Their workshops run 3 hours and cost $95. You have to be at least 21 years old and they like you to know ahead of time that no seeds or plants are for sale at the workshop. They tend to sell out quickly, so check their website if you want to learn about any upcoming classes. They also offer classes on CBD.

These are just a couple of examples of gardening stores offering cannabis growing classes. If you’re wondering about your area I might suggest checking with the locally owned stores. If they don’t offer any classes, maybe you could plant the idea in their head! (pun, again, intended)

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