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Former Cop/Marine Opened a Cannabis Dispensary

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by Dan Larkin

In Oklahoma, a former Cop/Marine opened a cannabis dispensary. Jason Thomas, along with his wife Tabitha, have opened “Canna Stop” in Durant, OK. Their goal is to help people with opioid addictions.

Jason served in the US Marine Corp from 1996 to 2000. He also spent 10 years as a police officer including time as a chief of police in Sawyer, OK. It’s not lost on him that it seems strange and even hypocritical that a guy who used to arrest people for cannabis is now selling it.

How do you go from being a cop and Marine to opening a medical cannabis dispensary? For Jason, it all started in 2007. You see, that’s when he was hit by a car and dragged 50 feet. He had been trying to arrest the driver, a suspected crack cocaine dealer.

“I know what its like to live through those events and press forward,”

Jason Thomas- former police officer/Marine

His injuries were such that he was prescribed opioids to deal with the pain. But, as he described it, the opioids left him sitting “in the dark” for a long time.

Jason left the police force in 2014 and at that time he started using medical cannabis, instead of opioids, to treat his injuries and also PTSD. Now, as he looks back, he knows the “war on drugs” is misguided.

“This can help people, and there is a medical purpose,” 

Jason Thomas- former police officer/Marine

So, now Jason is determined to do something to help some of those people whom he used to have to arrest. Now he and Tabitha have opened “Canna Stop”. This former cop/Marine who’s opened a medical cannabis dispensary wants to help anyone in pain or suffering from PTSD. Why? Because he now knows how it can change and save lives.

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