Flying with Cannabis? The TSA Doesn’t Care.

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by Dan Larkin.

Guess what? If you’re flying with cannabis, the TSA doesn’t care! Seriously, the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) has bigger fish to fry. So, snooping through your suitcase and rummaging through your underwear for your prerolled joint or your cannabis gummy souvenirs is not a priority.

Wait. Is flying with cannabis legal?

I mean, let’s be clear. Transporting cannabis across state lines is illegal. Even if both states have legalized it. That won’t change until cannabis is legal federally. And, since airports operate under the federal jurisdiction of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). it’s illegal to possess at an airport.

I just wanted to get that out of the way as sort of a disclaimer. The last thing I want is someone blaming me for getting busted for trying to fly home with 10 lbs. of hash and thinking I told them it was cool. It’s not.

So, what am I saying?

So what am I saying? I’m saying the TSA doesn’t care if you’re flying with cannabis. Even if they did, they can’t arrest you anyway. That’s right. Their job is to screen your luggage (and you) for weapons, explosives, and the like. You know, stuff that could kill people.

The TSA agents have a hard job keeping us all flying safe. It’s a high-pressure job with lives at stake. So, yeah, they’re gonna focus on the priorities. Your four canna-cookies or eighth of Orange Kush just won’t make the cut with them.

But, what does the TSA say?

You don’t believe me? Well, would you believe the TSA? Here’s what their representative told the Wall Street Journal recently:

[TSA] officers, who are administrative, and can’t arrest anybody, aren’t actively engaging in joint enforcement. Screeners aren’t searching for marijuana or cannabis-infused products.”

Danielle Bennett- TSA spokesperson


So, there you go. I mean don’t be an idiot and try to buy out a dispensary and carry it onto your flight back from Denver or L.A. or wherever. The TSA could make you throw it away or prevent you from boarding your flight and that would be a shame. But if you’re cool, they’re cool with you.

What’s been your experience with flying with cannabis? Any issues with the TSA? Share your story with us at or in the comments section!

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