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5 Ways Cannabis Can Help You This Summer

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by Dan Larkin

I can think of at least 5 ways cannabis can help you this summer. How many can you think of off the top of your head? Wait, it’s summer. You don’t want to work that hard. That’s why we’re here for you at CannabisIRL.

We want you to enjoy your summer and your cannabis and there’s nothing better than when they go together to make it awesome. So, slather on some sunscreen, grab your flip flops, a cool drink, and your shades. Here we go with 5 ways cannabis can help you this summer. (And there will be no quiz at the end!)

1. Sunburn

Rub some CBD on your noggin.

See, there you go, right off the bat, you forgot your sunscreen. Ok, I know, it hurts and well, it can look pretty bad too. A sunburn is not a badge of honor and worse, it can make you vulnerable to skin cancer. So, next time, take my advice and slather on the 50 SPF and re-apply frequently.

Now, go get your CBD cream or oil and apply it to your burn. It should immediately take away some of the pain and some of the inflammation as the CBD and other compounds enter your endocannabinoid system through your skin.

Another way cannabis can help is by using it as a CBD or CBD/THC bath bomb. You’ll get the same effect, and you can cover your whole body more efficiently and in less time. This works especially well if you were nude sunbathing for a little too long. (Is that still a thing?!?)

2. A good night’s sleep

Cannabis could aid your sleep

Ok, so getting a good night’s sleep isn’t just a summertime thing. I get that. But if you’re at the cabin or just not sleeping at home with the air conditioner blasting you with an arctic-like wind you might need cannabis. We’ve all suffered through a sticky, humid, hot summer night without air conditioning, I’m sure. The tossing and turning and the still air could ruin your summer vacation.

To the rescue, cannabis. It can help you by relaxing your mind and body. Keeping you agitation-free and, bonus, give you really great dreams as you’ll slide into some great REM (not the group) sleep. You might try a CBD vape pen or you might prefer a good old fashioned joint of indica-dominant cannabis with THC and CBD. (Full-spectrum cannabis is almost always a good option….where legal and available, of course.)

Whatever form of cannabis you choose, remember low and slow to start. If you go with a high THC choice and overdo it, remember, CBD can mute some of the psychoactive effects. Oh, and you won’t die. So, go back to bed, and sweet dreams.

3. Cool down

Cannabis-infused ice cream, yumm!

Technically speaking, cannabis can’t actually cool you down this summer, or any summer for that matter. But, you can infuse your ice cream with cannabis, CBD or even decarbed hemp.

Some people even make popsicles and alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails with cannabis. Just remember, if you are eating or drinking your cannabis it’s going to have to be metabolized through your liver so expect to wait for anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour or more to feel the full effects.

4. Bug stings and bites

Cannabis can soothe bug bite pain.

I hate mosquitos. They are bloodthirsty, miniature, flying pirates and they are almost everywhere in the summer. If you’re like me, and I know I am, mosquito bites swell up to horrible, itchy welts that are almost impossible not to scratch.

So what can one do? First, wear long-sleeved, light-colored tops and light colored pants when possible. (I know…not gonna happen, but it doesn’t make it bad advice, right?) Second, try some citronella to ward of the little vampires.

If all of that fails, and it will because, as mentioned, mosquitos are bloodthirsty miniature, flying pirates, you can use cannabis and CBD to ease the pain and the swelling. As soon as possible after a bite, apply some CBD to the area. (the bite area, not your lawn.) That should ease the need to scratch yourself down to the bone and will reduce the swelling.

5. Chill you out

This time I’m not talking about cannabis-infused ice cream treats. I’m talking just plain-old chilling out and slowing down to enjoy your summer. Cannabis can definitely help you with that!

Cannabis goes with just about everything in the summertime. Relaxing at the beach, the pool, the cabin, the lake, the patio…you get the idea. Bonus points for you if you have a hammock and cannabis at your disposal at the same time. (Double bonus points if the hammock is made of hemp.)

Find your favorite spot and maybe your favorite people and enjoy cannabis and your summer. And when you get around to it, maybe drop me a line here at CannabisIRL and let me know what you did this summer.


Enjoy your summer!

Cannabis is a great thing but it really doesn’t mix with driving a car, boat, motorcycle, etc. Stay safe this summer and remember to pass to your left, right? Have fun!

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