FDA Holds Hearing on CBD

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Today (Friday) the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) will hold its first hearing on cannabis and more specifically, CBD (cannabidiol). The country will be watching closely as doctors, consumers, and industry leaders all testify.

The FDA wants to determine just how safe CBD is for consumption. Does it have long-term impacts on your liver? Should it be allowed to be infused into your food and drinks, and if so, at what levels? How do you control the integrity and purity of the thousands of CBD products on the market? Are the health claims being made about CBD true and accurate? There are a lot of questions to tackle and the CBD industry is anxious to get the governments take on their fast-growing market. The regulations that come from the FDA could impact millions if not billions of dollars worth of revenue for the corporations and individuals investing in CBD, cannabis, and hemp.

The FDA’s principal deputy commissioner, Dr. Amy Abernethy, recently sent out a string of CBD-related tweets, writing in part: “We are reviewing available databases and medical literature about CBD’s safety. Thus far, the data appear insufficient.” […]

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