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Here’s a Father’s Day Gift Guide for Your Canna-Dad

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Adult use of cannabis continues to be legalized in more and more states across the country. Consequently, more and more dads are partaking in it. So, that means these dads are hoping for something instead of a new tie or a burnt-toast breakfast in bed this Father’s Day. They want cannabis or cannabis-related products.

Are you ready to have the talk?

Oh, come on now. You’re an adult. If you enjoy cannabis and your dad does too, there’s no reason you can’t talk about that, right? Can you picture it? Now, just imagine surprising your dad on Father’s Day with a new stone pipe, or maybe a cannabis humidor? Now, that would be a Father’s Day to remember, I’m sure.

So, whether your dad has always been a cannabis consumer or, perhaps, has recently re-discovered his passion for it, this gift guide will probably have something he would like. If not, well…it will probably at least spark some ideas for the perfect canna-gift for him. Take a look at the gift guide by clicking the link below. And here’s hoping your dad has a Happy Father’s Day.

As an adult hoping to bond with your dad over a shared joint, it can still feel awkward to bring up cannabis consumption, but reintroducing your pop to new products and delivery methods will help him stay with the times and learn something new. […]

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Are you a dad who would enjoy receiving a cannabis-related gift for Father’s Day? Are you an adult who’s planning on surprising your dad with a cannabis gift? We’d love to hear from you about your Cannabis In Real Life experience. Share your story with us by emailing it here. Or use the Contact or Comments section below.

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