facebook deletes medical cannabis

Facebook Deleted Medical Cannabis Page.

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by Dan Larkin.

Facebook deleted a medical cannabis page last week. Apparently, the page violated Facebook’s community standards. I say “apparently” because Facebook has yet to comment on any of their deletions of cannabis-related pages.

Who did Facebook delete this time?

This time they wiped out the efforts of the Ohio Medical Cannabis Review page. The page was serving as a forum for legal medical cannabis patients in the state. It was a place for them to learn about the products that are legally available to them in the state’s dispensaries.

The page’s administrators claim to have had 35,000 pageviews over the last 30 days. It looks like that number was large enough to get the social media giant’s attention.

“It was a page patients could go to and see all the cool things in the program, and also get information so they are informed when they go to their local dispensary.”

Michael Reed, page founder

Why delete a medical cannabis page?

So, last Wednesday they deleted the page due to violations of their “community standards”. Specifically, the message sent to administrators said the page was deleted for encouraging drug use. Oh, and the six administrators were given warnings or temporarily suspended from Facebook too.

Again, this is was a Facebook page that was set-up for Ohio patients in the LEGAL medical cannabis program. It offered reviews of products and strains and even showed available menus and prices at the dispensaries.

Facebook has even hit us at CannabisIRL.

This isn’t the first time and I can assure you it won’t be the last time that Facebook deletes a cannabis-related page. Our own Cannabis In Real Life page has been banned from “boosting” our posts. That means we can’t even advertise our positive stories about how cannabis is helping save lives. So far we have been fortunate. We still have an active page and active Facebook group, but we are at risk of being deleted at any time.

Needless to say, this is frustrating and demoralizing for everyone working to share important, helpful, and sometimes lifesaving information about legal cannabis.

What are Facebook’s rules on this stuff?

If you’re curious, here’s what Facebook says on their site, about their stance on cannabis. (You’ll have to scroll down on the page a bit.)

When will Facebook stop deleting medical cannabis pages and other cannabis-related pages? Good question! It’s anybody’s guess, really. If I had to bet, it will be when cannabis is legal on the federal level. But, even then, it’s possible that they could delete pages because cannabis may still be illegal in other countries and they themselves don’t want to get banned and lose their audience.


So, it looks like FB and, for that matter, some other social media platforms are not friends of cannabis…yet. Until then, I would encourage you to bookmark your favorite cannabis-related websites and support them by visiting them regularly. I know we would appreciate that support here at CannabisIRL.

Original reporting on this story from Columbus Dispatch.

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