Everything to know before your first cannabis dispensary visit

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Your first time visiting a cannabis dispensary can be quite an experience. Emotions could range from fear to excitement and for some, it could be stressful or intimidating. In truth, it should be stress-free, relaxing, and hopefully educational experience. In an effort to facilitate that, here’s information on what to expect on your visit.

It’s easier than ever to buy legal marijuana in the US. Nearly 80 million people live in the 10 states that currently allow recreational cannabis , and a number of states like New York and New Jersey are considering legislation. That population, and the tens of millions of tourists […]

Are you thinking of visiting a dispensary for the first time? What do you most want to know? Or, do you remember your first visit to a dispensary? How was the experience? What do you recommend to first-timers? Share your Cannabis In Real Life experience in the comments section or email your story to us at: info@cannabisirl.com

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