Local doctor creates CBD nasal spray

Doctor Creates CBD Nasal Spray

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CBD nasal spray is the latest CBD product to hit the market. A doctor in Madison, WI. created it and his first patient is a former NHL hockey player.

Dr. Fred Melius of Madison, WI is an OB/GYN. He’s been happily delivering babies for decades. Then, about 20 years ago, due to dry nasal passages, he decided to formulate his own nasal spray. That’s something doctors can probably do more easily than you or I. In real life, we’d just go to the store and buy some. But, anyway, Dr. Melius’ son recently suggested he make a CBD nasal spray from CBD oil and a brilliant idea was born.

Now, even though the good doctor had nasal spray experience, making a CBD nasal spray from CBD oil was a challenge. Just the idea of spraying oil into your nose makes one a bit reluctant to try a product. But Dr. Melius persevered and formulated a product that works,

Adam Burish- Photo Credit-Getty Images

His first patient

His first patient was a former Wisconsin and NHL hockey player, Adam Burish. He was looking for something to help with all the pain he was dealing with from injuries suffered during his playing days. But he didn’t want to keep taking all the pills he was prescribed.

“I said, ‘Fred,’ I said, ‘I just want to use it if it’s going to help me, because I don’t want to take pills anymore,'” Burish said.  

Burish says the results have changed his life. 

“As an athlete, in two years, I haven’t taken a Tylenol,” he said. “I wanted to get off all that because I took a lot of it.” […]

The CBD nasal spray worked so well for him that he joined Dr. Melius’ company as a VP of development and Burish says there are other former NHL teammates of his that are using and benefiting from the CBD nasal spray too.

This particular product, Nasadol, doesn’t contain any THC so you can’t get high from it. That’s not to say that down the road, other products won’t be developed. Where legal, nasal sprays may someday contain THC as well as a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes in order to create the entourage effect.

To learn more about the entourage effect watch this Cannabis In Real Life interview with Dr. David Bearman, an endocannabinoid expert.

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