Dispensary Drop-by: Stash- Studio City, CA

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by Dan Larkin.

While in Los Angeles last week I did a dispensary drop-by at Stash in Studio City. Since we were AirBnB‘ing it in the Valley I thought I should check out the nearest dispensary to me, according to WeedMaps.

A quick map search on their app indicated that Stash-Studio City was the place. And, bonus, it was within walking distance! (I know, nobody walks in L.A. but I was in my old neighborhood and wanted to stroll down memory lane.)

Stash-Studio City, CA. Source: weedmaps.com

Delivery Drop-by prep.

Before I dropped-by, I read a few reviews of Stash and checked out their website to see what’s what. I was satisfied with the reviews and their website indicated there was a discount for first-time customers! (Spend $25 or more and save 10%.) Plus, they seem to have daily specials so that was enough to get me to head over to Ventura Blvd. and check them out.

Stash Studio city
Stash- Studio City, CA- 12433 Ventura Blvd. Source: Google Maps

It took just 15 minutes to get to the Stash-Studio City storefront. It’s in a great area on Ventura Blvd that is dotted with work yoga studios, sushi restaurants, and coffee shops.

Delivery Drop-by: Stash-Studio City.

It was easy to get in and I was immediately met at the door by Adam. Adam is awesome. He immediately asked me for my ID, as required by law. He noticed I was from Minnesota, so naturally, he wanted to know how cold it was back there and we joked about snow for a bit. Well, he joked and I silently wondered if it was maybe already snowing back home.

But the point is, he was very welcoming, laidback but not in an unengaged sort of way. On the way back to the dispensary area I asked him about the age of his customers. He said they run the gamut from 21 to 81 and that a lot of his older customers are buying lots of creams, salves, edibles, and tinctures.

stash studio city-adam
Adam from Stash-Studio City

Stash budtender talk

We talked a bit about their selection of flower, vape pens, and edibles. Adam was really knowledgable about all of the dispensary’s offerings. We also talked about “vapegate”- the recent deaths that appear to be related to bootleg vape cartridges. He reassured me that his products were safe, tested, legit, and showed that he had Certificates of Analysis for everything for sale.

We talked about one of his favorite rigs for traveling. It’s a mini-dab rig called the Nectar Collector. It provides water-filtration typical of the common dab rig, but in a spill-proof design.

Now, the Nectar Collector was definitely cool but wasn’t really what I needed right now. But, it’s always fun to learn about something new. Even though I’m a Boomer and have been around cannabis for decades, there have been a lot of advancements and innovations in the industry that are really exciting to learn.

So, what did I buy at Stash?

So, I decided to zero in on some flower and maybe a disposable vape pen. Adam had plenty for me to look at and to smell too. After we talked about what I was looking for in terms of an experience and what I like, he asked one of the other budtenders to show me one of their house brands.

Budtender in front of their Stash house brand.

With her suggestions too, I decided to look at their HT Blue Dream. It’s a sativa with piney, peppery, citrusy terpene profile that smelled really delicious! Here. give it a whiff.

Well, I liked it. It was a sativa with approx. 20% THC. And with the promise of it providing me with an uplifting, positive, energetic lift, I thought, heck for the price it was worth a try!

I also bought a Bloom Pineapple Express disposable vape pen. It was also a sativa dominant choice and Adam was sure I’d enjoy it.

The Bloom disposable vape pen.

That was about all I needed for this Dispensary Drop-by so I decided to have them ring me up. That’s when I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they factor the taxes into the price so you don’t have to do any math. (I was told there’d be no math in cannabis.) So the price you see is exactly what you’ll pay.

Then, Adam told me I could pay with cash, a credit card, or even Venmo. That made it that much easier to finish my purchase without hitting an ATM. I liked that. I chose the credit card because I wanted the purchase to add to my annual cashback amount at the end of the year.

Dispensary Drive-by: Conclusion

All in all, my drop-by experience at Stash-Studio City was great. Not crowded. Good selection, excellent budtending, and a relaxed, friendly vibe that puts you at ease. Oh, and the prices were great too! I’m glad I stopped in and will do so again the next time I’m in the Valley in SoCal.

Stash-Studio City: Hours & Info

12433 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 913604

PHONE: 818-810-5353


HOURS: 7 Days a week from 10am – 8pm

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