Cannabis is Influencing Design Trends as the Elite Embrace the Lifestyle

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Megan Stone designs cannabis dispensaries. Her work is polished, eye-popping, and always original. The type of design you might expect from a high-end fashion boutique in Beverly Hills. It’s a far cry from the look of most cannabis dispensaries just a few years ago. Places that looked like a headshop or some stoner’s basement. Design trends across the cannabis industry are so popular that they are found everywhere from fashion to furniture and beyond.

Her firm has designed about 50 dispensaries in 16 states. Every space is different, owing to the noncorporate, patchwork nature of the industry, but in all of Ms. Stone’s projects, she aims for a polished, handcrafted look. She brings in a millworker for custom cabinetry and is big on contrasting colors and textures.

While she avoids stoner clichés, Ms. Stone does try to “blow minds,” usually with an eye-popping design feature. For Maitri Medicinals, in Uniontown, Pa., she created a 14-foot-high lobby wall covered in historical documents like the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 that she reprinted on hand-pressed paper. To dress up the ubiquitous A.T.M., Ms. Stone hung more than 1,400 colored ribbons from a wire-mesh frame to create a tunnel that customers walk through. […]

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