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Dank Brand Linked to Vaping Illnesses

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by Dan Larkin.

The “Dank” brand has been linked to vaping illnesses and deaths across the U.S. ABC News and NPR are reporting that officials say patients have mentioned the Dank name frequently.

Many of the people who got sick in Illinois and Wisconsin, for example, said they used cartridges sold in Dank packaging. Investigators in those two states conducted detailed interviews with 86 patients — mostly young men — and 66% said they had vaped THC products labeled as Dank Vapes. (THC is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.)

What is the Dank brand?

But get this. Dank isn’t even a real brand. It’s not licensed. But, it’s apparently been around in the black market for so long that many people think it’s legit. It’s not. It’s counterfeit.

“It doesn’t look very different from what you can buy in a (legal) dispensary,” Allison Margolin.

Allison Margolin-Beverly Hills-based cannabis attorney
Dank Vapes packaging/ Source: reason.com

The fact of the matter is Dank is really just packaging. Anyone can get on the internet and buy boxes or cartridges labeled “Dank”. As to what anyone might be buying when they buy that box or cart, is anyone’s guess.

And therein lies the problem. Unscrupulous black market dealers are selling untested, unlicensed, and likely tainted products that are making people sick, hospitalizing hundreds, and killing some who don’t even realize that what they’re vaping could be deadly.

This man’s lungs quit working due to vaping illness. Source: DuluthNewsTribune.com

What’s the draw of the Dank brand?

The draw of the Dank “brand” and other black market vapes is the cost. Most “traps” (illegal dispensaries) are charging around $20 for a bootleg vape. That’s about a third of the cost of legal, tested vapes purchased from a licensed dispensary.

Also, with so much of the country still unable to purchase legal, licensed vape pens (or any cannabis-related products), it not surprising that consumers are seeking out and purchasing these imposters.

But, it’s important that you and anyone you know who vapes stay away from these products. Let’s let the CDC and other investigators track down just what’s in these bootleg products and then let’s work to ban them from the streets.


It’s especially important now, to be talking to kids about this. They need to be informed. Teens and young adults are susceptible to the marketing and pricing of these dangerous vapes more than any other demographic.

While the media hype surrounding vaping is reaching a fever pitch, it’s also important to remember that safe, tested, licensed vape products that are supported by Certificates of Analysis (CoA) are out there. Look for them. Ask about them at licensed dispensaries. Stay safe.

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