Craig Gross opens conversation about Christians using cannabis

Apparently, “Christian Cannabis” is a Thing.

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There is a new website that sells a “Christian Cannabis” brand and is attempting to get Christians comfortable with consuming it. While no one is asking “WWJS-What Would Jesus Smoke?” The website is apparently serious and is soliciting your opinions on the idea of Christians using cannabis.

Craig Gross is the man behind the website and products. Apparently, like many people who are against cannabis until they try it and it works for them, Craig was converted and saw the light after trying cannabis to deal with his migraines. Click on the link below to read the press release for his website and products.

The freedom Gross found in cannabis ultimately improved his relationship with God, as he realized it is not the abstinence from or indulgence in any substance that brings one closer to the Lord. Rather, what he found is, when he surrendered his stigmas, prejudices, and concerns to God, he opened the way for God to work in his life like never before.[…]

How do you feel about Christian Cannabis? Do you feel that cannabis and religion can co-exist? Does your religion or spirituality conflict with your cannabis use? Share your Cannabis In Real Life views in the Contact Form below or email us your story at:

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