Could these goggles detect people driving under the influence of cannabis?

Could These Goggles Detect People Driving Under the Influence of Cannabis?

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One of the pressing issues for lawmakers pondering whether to back the legalization of cannabis for adult-use is how it could affect drivers who consume cannabis. While the debate will continue regarding whether THC in your bloodstream should automatically void your right to drive, most people would likely agree that identifying and removing impaired drivers from our roadways is critical. Now a company thinks they may have created a device – goggles – that can track your eye movement and tell if you are too high to drive.

BOSTON – The device called IMMAD — which stands for impairment measurement marijuana driving — would test the driver’s peripheral vision during a traffic stop. The driver would look into the goggles, stare at a black dot and use a remote to indicate when they see the flashing stripes. […]

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