Cool Cannabis Tech: Self-Contained “Grow Fridge”.

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by Dan Larkin

Cool Cannabis Tech is CannabisIRL’s look at the latest technology that makes cannabis cool.

First up in cool cannabis tech, a self-contained cannabis “grow fridge”. The “grow fridge” is from Seedo, an Israeli company, and it is an automated device. It’s about the size of a mini-fridge. You can use it to grow cannabis at home under controlled conditions.

Seedo simply calls it the “Home Grow Device” which, let’s face it, lacks imagination and pizzaz. So I’m just going to call it the “Seedo”. The Seedo was actually invented in 2014 and has been available for a while now. But, now they’ve started a leasing program that just might make it something you’d take a look at for that hard to shop for cannabis tech nerd in your life. (Hint, Hint to my family and friends)

So what makes it Cool Cannabis Tech?

Ok, so the easiest description of the Seedo is that it’s like a driver-less car for your cannabis plant. Does that make sense? You literally can plant a seed in its grow box, set it in the Seedo, and close the door. It will take it from there.

It comes with an app that lets you monitor your plant’s growth. But wait, there’s more! The Seedo even has an HD camera inside so you can actually see what’s happening with your little green cannabis friend without even opening the Seedo door. It can be live-streamed! Seedo even monitors and adjusts light levels and CO2 levels as needed.

Seedo is packed with cool cannabis tech. source: digital trends

An added bonus- The fridge seals in the cannabis aroma. So, if you’re in need of, well, shall we say “discreet” growing conditions then this is the way to go. Both the air conditioning and humidity are controlled by the Seedo.

Plus, the door can be locked via the app to keep it safe and secure and out of the hands of your envious friends and family members. But, if they’re cool and you want to brag, the app lets you share pics of what’s happening inside the unit at any time.

Okay, but what does Seedo cost?

Alright, alright, the Seedo isn’t exactly cheap. But then a driver-less car isn’t cheap yet either. But as they continue to sell and the cool cannabis tech around it continues to improve you can expect the price to drop. Right now they sell for about $2,400.

The Seedo is 40 inches tall and about 25 inches wide and deep. It weighs 138 lbs and can be shipped anywhere. Obviously, shipping charges would usually apply. (Probably around $350.)

Seedo’s parent company just announced a leasing program to help get the unit into more consumers’ homes. The leasing model will allow customers to lease Seedo’s device for periods of three or five years. It would come with a warranty and a steady supply of perishables including fertilizers, CO2 tanks, and nourishment. No pricing for the lease option is available yet but expected soon.

Cool Cannabis Tech: Conclusion

Seedo is definitely cool cannabis tech. To be able to “set it and forget it” is a great way to grow cannabis for non-farmers or those of us not born with “green thumbs”. But, let’s face it, it’s expensive and has limited growing space inside so you’re essentially only going to grow one plant at a time. But, depending on your local laws and personal needs, that may be enough.

It should be pointed out that the Seedo isn’t just for cannabis plants. You can grow tomatoes, flowers, even bananas if you want. It’s versatile. So, that’s cool too. But, let’s see what the lease rates are on the unit first. It’s never too early to think about that special someone on your Holiday shopping list, is it?

Note: There are competitors out there too. One of the popular models is the Grobox from cloudponics. Learn more about it here.

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