Colorado Bill: Allow Doctors to Recommend Cannabis Instead of Opioids

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A Colorado Senate bill is being reviewed by Govenor Jared Polis (D) that would allow physicians to recommend medical cannabis instead of opioids or other painkillers to their patients. They could only recommend certain forms of medical cannabis but this bill, if it becomes law, could save lives.

“This is going to be a pretty big deal for acute pain for athletes,” Hooton said, “and also for kids who have surgeries.”

In order for children to currently be recommended medical marijuana, they need two physicians to sign off. Should SB 19-013 pass, it would also ask for a review of diagnosing records from the primary care physician. Hooten said this goes beyond what’s required in the constitution.

Kids would not be able to smoke marijuana, but could use a nasal spray or extract. […]

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