Characteristics of a Reputable Cannabis Dispensary

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If you’ve never been to a cannabis dispensary before, you may feel anxious, intimidated, excited, or even scared. While whatever you happen to feel is totally okay, I thought if you had an idea of what to expect from a reputable, legal dispensary, you might just enjoy your visit(s). Leafly’s article is in the link below.

Brick-and-mortar dispensaries have evolved considerably since the early days of Dutch coffeeshops and private patient collectives in California. Nowadays, storefronts exist across many cities in North America and abroad, taking the cannabis retail experience to the mainstream consumer. When you first step through the door of a dispensary, you […]

Have you visited a dispensary? Do you remember your first time? What do you look for in a great dispensary? Let us know what your Cannabis In Real Life experience was like. You can email us at:

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