7 Best CBD Oils for Pain and Inflammation According to Online Reviews

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CBD (cannabidiol) is the darling of the cannabis industry. It’s available in vape pens, balms, transdermal patches, gummies, beverages and more. One of the most efficient and effective means of using it is as CBD oil, taken with a dropper and placed under your tongue for a minute or two. This allows it to more quickly get to your brain, without having to be metabolized through your liver, thus, providing relief in less time.

But, what are the best CBD oils? Well, like most anything, it depends on who you ask. Mashable decided to look at online reviews and pick the 7 best for pain and inflammation. See their picks after the jump. (click the link below)

CBD has suddenly become a buzzworthy way to deal with all sorts of ailments — including pain — but really, there hasn’t been a whole lot of peer-reviewed studies to back up that claim. (That hasn’t stopped people from using it though, if the hundreds of reviews we read are any indication.) […]

Have you found a favorite brand that works for you? Do you trust online reviews? Will you make a purchase of CBD oils based on them? Share your Cannabis In Real Life thoughts in the comments or email us at: info@cannabisirl.com.

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