CBD-infused beverages are on the rise, but face major issue: The cannabis compound doesn't dissolve in water

CBD-Infused Beverages: Everything You Need to Know

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CBD-infused beverages can now be found in dispensaries, bars, and restaurants in many parts of the country. It seems like a fun and convenient way to get relaxed, relieve your stress, or take the edge off your aches and pains. But, how does it work, exactly? And, is it really an efficient way to get CBD into your system? What about CBD isolates versus full spectrum-infused beverages? Click the link below for all the answers to your questions.

“If you’re consuming CBD (that has been dripped) in a product like water or food, most of it is going to get metabolized in your gut, so your intestines and your liver enzymes, they will break down most of the CBD, so most of it, you’re not going to absorb,” Hurd said.

Infused beverages are viewed as an improvement on the tincture method, and making them water-soluble has become cannabinoid companies’ key to creating an effective upgrade. Without solubility, CBD’s bioavailability, the degree to which it is absorbed into the body, becomes limited — as low as 4%, according to a 2007 academic article published in Chemistry and Biodiversity. […]

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