CBD Arrests Flying High at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

CBD Arrests at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport

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At Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport, the 4th largest airport in the US, customs officers are arresting international travelers who are found to be transporting CBD. It doesn’t matter to the authorities if it is a single eyedropper bottle of hemp-derived CBD either. Their position is that if it contains any amount of THC at all, it is illegal. In some instances, passengers are jailed and charged with a felony. All of this is taking place while the Texas state government is working to pass a law protecting CBD sales.

NBC 5 Investigates obtained police reports at the airport detailing some of the cases in which travelers were caught with CBD, including a 71-year-old woman who was jailed on a felony charge after telling authorities the vial in her bag was “CBD oil which she used as medicinal pain relief.” […]

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