Carol Whitmire worked at Walmart for 8 years, then her employer discovered she used medical marijuana

She Worked at Walmart for 8 Years, Then They Learned She Used Medical Cannabis

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Carol Whitmire was 60 years old and a customer service representative at her local Walmart in Taylor, AZ when she hurt her wrist at work while moving ice bags in an ice machine. When Walmart sent her to urgent care two days later, they took an xray and did a urine test. Carol had a medical cannabis card for two years at that point, to treat arthritis pain. You probably know what happened next. (The full story is after the link below.)

Whitmire didn’t bring marijuana to work, or use it during business hours, but she took it before bed at night and helped her manage her pain, she said. Whitmire preferred marijuana to prescribed painkillers like hydrocodone, which is considered an opioid.[…]

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