CannabisIRL 101: Labor Day Weekend Cannabis Tips

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by Dan Larkin.

CannabisIRL 101: “Labor Day Weekend Cannabis Tips” is our latest installment for cannabis newbies. We want to help you as you learn to enjoy all the great things that cannabis has to offer. Frankly, even if you aren’t new to cannabis, you might pick up a tip or two as well.

Ok, so the Labor Day weekend is here. You might be throwing a party or backyard barbeque and want to offer up some cannabis to your guests. Well, here are just a few random tips that might help you out.

CannabisIRL 101: Variety is the spice of life.

So, if you’re hosting a party and want to offer up cannabis to your guests, it’s really a cool thing if you can make sure there’s a variety of offerings. That could mean several different strains. It could mean several different methods of consumption. Maybe you have some pre-rolled joints and some flower available for those who want to smoke.

You might also consider having some type of edibles or maybe a vape pen or two for others who don’t want to do the combustible thing. Don’t go crazy. You don’t need to buy out a dispensary to make people happy. Just keep in mind that not everyone wants to consume the same way and others are really finding micro-dosing is their thing.

Having a variety makes it more fun and gives you and your guests a chance to talk about your different preferences and experiences. It’s a great way to get to know more about one another.

CannabisIRL 101: Full Disclosure

Whatever you decide to offer up, it’s important that every guest knows what they’re consuming. If you’re leaving cannabis products or flower out for them to help themselves to, it’s smart to denote exactly what you’re offering.

So, say for instance you have a tray out with some edibles, vape pens, and maybe a container of pre-rolls and some jars of some flower you think they’d enjoy. Why not make a little info card or label that describes the products. You can give basics like strain name, THC /CBD content, potency, etc.

Or, if you are so inclined, maybe you want to share your personal insights or a review of each item. You know, kind of like the descriptions of wines that they put on the back label of the bottle.

The idea is to make sure that not only does everyone feel confident in their decision to partake, but also, it makes it more fun and relaxing for newbies when they can better understand what they’re trying.

CannabisIRL 101: Pay attention.

If you’re hosting a party that involves cannabis you want to be a responsible host. It’s pretty much the same kind of thing as hosting a party where alcohol is available. Keep an eye out for possible overconsumption. Not everyone knows their limit. Also, if you’re serving cannabis-infused edibles it possible that the full effect may not hit everyone at the same time. You don’t want your guests suddenly realizing that 10 mg THC per gummy treats shouldn’t be eaten by the handful.

If someone has overdone it you want to be able to make sure they can be safe. Obviously, you don’t want them driving. But beyond that, if they are paranoid or freaked out it would be good to have a safe, quiet place for them to go to relax. Keep some CBD around too as that can be beneficial in reducing the effects of too much THC. Maybe even keep some black peppercorns handy. Neil Young swears by them for helping keep him from getting paranoid.

And one more thing on paying attention. If there are children present it’s obviously important to keep cannabis out of their reach. Parental supervision is the first line of defense in keeping kids safe, but as a party host, it should be your responsibility too.

CannabisIRL 101: It’s not for everyone.

A Labor Day weekend get together is a great way to celebrate with friends, make new friends, and look back on the summer that was. Cannabis can be a really fun addition to your party plans. Just remember that not everyone is cool with it. Some may never be and that’s okay.

See if you can designate some areas that are either cannabis-friendly only or cannabis-free only. That way, those who don’t or can’t be around it have some options. Be open to hearing from those who disapprove of and/or are still stigmatized by cannabis use. Everyone is on their own journey.

It’s important to not gang up on anyone who you feel might be harshing your or your other guests’ buzz. If they really feel strongly about their dislike or disapproval they will leave. If you find yourself in a situation where a party guest wants to debate the topic, it’s best to just ask if you and they can discuss it somewhere privately, or at another time.

The stigma and fear are real and they’re strong for some. Especially for baby boomers and seniors who’ve had a lifetime of lies fed to them about reefer madness. So, remain calm and respectful and do your best to model good, adult behavior. It will go a long way towards normalizing cannabis use to those who still fear it.


So, those are just a few tips for throwing a Labor Day Weekend Cannabis-infused party. I’m sure you have a few tips of your own and I hope you’ll share them. There’s always something to learn and we can help one another to do that here at CannabisIRL.

If you want, you can share your tips or thoughts in the comments section or you can email them to us at We love to hear from you.

If you want to learn more cannabis etiquette, I’d recommend this book.

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