CannabisIRL 101: Cornering

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by Dan Larkin

Welcome to CannabisIRL 101: Today we’ll teach you about “cornering.” It’s an important technique that isn’t even widely-known among a lot of veteran cannabis consumers. It’s the kind of technique though, that when done correctly, makes for a better experience for everyone participating. So let’s dive into this one, shall we?

What is CannabisIRL 101?

CannabisIRL 101 is our effort to share what is often times thought of as basic cannabis knowledge. Put another way, it’s Cannabis for Dummies. Now, that’s not to say that you have to be dumb to learn something from CannabisIRL 101, but it doesn’t hurt if you are.

The information will help you out if you’re new to cannabis and also will provide useful tips and information that even seasoned pros will enjoy. If you’re in that category just think of it as continuing education credits, tuition-free!

Cornering- Step by step.

Ok, so today’s CannabisIRL 101 topic is ‘cornering”. What is it? How is it done? And, why is it important?

First, let’s set the stage. You have some cannabis and a pipe. You’ve got some friends over and you decide to smoke a bowl with your canna-friendly compadres. You load up the bowl with some great cannabis flower or a bud. Then you whip out your lighter and get ready to torch the bowl.

Ok, I’m going to stop you right there for a second. You see, here’s where today’s lesson comes into play. First, did you make sure you packed enough cannabis into the bowl for the number of people partaking? I’m sure you did, but just something to keep in mind. No one wants to be the 6th person to hit the bowl, only to suck in ashy smoke.

Second, who is lighting the bowl? (You’ll understand why this is important in proper cornering, in a minute). Are you going to light it? Well, that’s certainly an option. Sometimes it’s even necessary when the group is a little unsure about the activity, new to it, or isn’t sure who else will even participate. (It’s frightening for some to realize no one else is joining in.)

Generally speaking, it’s best to have someone else do the honors as a demonstration of hospitality and goodwill. Just keep in mind that picking a newbie to light the bowl could have disastrous effects like coughing, torching the whole bowl, or even setting their hair on fire. Hey, it happens…just sayin’.)

You’re ready to master cornering!

cannabisirl 101 cornering
Cornering done well.

So, for our purposes of instruction, let’s say you’re lighting the bowl. What you don’t want to do is to light all of the cannabis at once. You want to light what amounts to just a corner of the bowl only. (I know, technically a bowl is circular so it doesn’t have corners but get over it, ok?)

So where was I? Oh yeah, you want to just light a corner of the bowl. You do this by keeping the lighter slightly below the rim of the bowl and gently inhaling. That will pull the flame; curling it into the bowl and igniting a small portion of the cannabis. You should get a nice hit of the strain’s terpenes. Terpenes give your cannabis its taste and smell. You should enjoy that like you would the aroma and taste of any fine wine.

After you’ve puffed, puffed (inhaling twice is pretty standard) you pass the bowl to the person on your left. (Why to the left is a subject for another day.) At this point, cannabis consumer number two will hopefully use the same cornering technique and also enjoy the delicious taste and smell of your ‘greens”. Then they would pass to the next person who will practice good cornering as well. This will make for an even more enjoyable experience for all.

But, why is it called cornering?

Right about now you’re probably thinking. But, there are four corners so, what if I’m the fifth person to hit the bowl? Fair question. The fact of the matter is, with proper lighter technique, and depending on the diameter of the bowl, you can get more than four corners. (So, maybe it should be called “slicing the pie”!?!? But it’s not. It’s cornering.)

If there are no corners left and the entire bowl is lit or burning embers (this is called “cherry” or cherrying”) then it’s polite to mention that to the next person up so they can make a determination about hitting the bowl. They might want to avoid possibly getting an ashy pull. In which case, that person may offer the pipe back to you for finishing or reloading.

CannabisIRL 101: Conclusion

So that’s what cornering is all about. If you’re new to smoking cannabis, hopefully, this CannabisIRL 101 topic was instructive for you. On the other hand, if you’re a veteran smoker, maybe you didn’t even know or think about the cornering technique, and can now use it to more efficiently and politely share your next bowl.

If you are a pro and found this information absolutely worthless, then I thank you for reading the entire article anyway! Feel free to comment about this or any other technique or topic you think can help everyone enjoy the experience. We’re not “cornering” the market on good advice, you know.

enjoy your cornering cannabisirl 101
Enjoy your cornering!

Our next CannabisIRL 101 article is coming soon…right around the corner.

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