VIDEO: CannabisIRL 101 Canna-Education for Boomers

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by Dan Larkin and Jim Ankeny.
WATCH: A Baby Boomer (Dan) learns about cannabis products from a Millennial (Rachelle).

One of our goals at Cannabis In Real Life is to provide some CannabisIRL 101: Canna-Education for Boomers. Jim and I are in that age group ourselves. We have been around cannabis and cannabis products for decades. But, as you may have noticed, a lot is changing in the world of cannabis. And, it’s changing quickly.

We thought, Hey, why not get a hold of Rachelle Gordon, our Millennial friend, and contributor to, to see if she can get us Baby Boomers up to speed on a few cannabis products?

There are new brands and new products turning up every day. And with concerns about the safety, authenticity, and quality of some of these products, we thought Rachelle Gordon could unpack some of the CannabisIRL 101 for us.

CannabisIRL 101: Meet Rachelle Gordon

Rachelle Gordon travels the country (and Canada). She writes about all things cannabis and interviews a lot of cannabis industry thought leaders and entrepreneurs. Along the way, she gets to see and sample new products and innovations in the cannabis space.

She brought some of those products along with her for a little show & tell so Jim and I thought we’d get some canna-education from her to share with you. We hope you’ll enjoy our videos and stories. I had fun finding out about everything from canna-beverages to dabs.

CannabisIRL 101: Canna-Education Conclusion

Everyone is welcome to learn because education will help remove the stigma around cannabis. Let’s all work together to normalize cannabis by sharing real stories about real people, in real life. That’s what we’re all about.

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