cannabis: what are women buying

Cannabis: What Are Women Buying?

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by Dan Larkin.

Cannabis is increasingly popular with women consumers, but what are women buying? Do they go for cannabis flower? Do they prefer tinctures or vapes? All good questions. Let’s take a look with the help of a new report out from Headset. Headset’s Cannabis Data Intelligence looks at year-to-year cannabis purchasing among men and women.

Their report looked at both what women buy and why they buy it. It turns out that there are some similarities to men’s purchasing decisions but plenty of differences in why they made those choices.

First, let’s get some perspective on the relative size of the female cannabis consumer market. Women make up about a third of all cannabis purchases. So, while men still lead in overall purchasing, women consumers are a significant demographic and smart retailers will take note of their evolving purchasing preferences.

So, what cannabis products are women buying?

Well, it looks like the information gathered by Headset between 2017 and 2018 shows women are primarily buying cannabis flower and vape pens.


As the chart shows cannabis flower made up roughly 41% of purchases by women. Another 22% of their purchases were of vape pens. So, while that makes up about 63% of their buys, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

As it turns out, according to Headset, flower sales are trending down for women while other categories are beginning to see increases. So, where are women turning now? Well, they’re turning to edibles, topicals, tinctures, and sublinguals. But, current headlines notwithstanding, vape pens are continuing to be popular too.


So, while cannabis products like topicals and sublinguals & tinctures are still a fairly small percentage of overall purchases, they are still significant because of the year-to-year growth. We’re talking 47% and 42%, respectively. That again is 2017-2018.

Why are women buying these cannabis products?

Well, most experts will tell you that women are moving to the topicals, edibles, and tinctures & sublinguals for health and wellness reasons.

Frankly, for women, it’s more about what can relieve anxiety and stress. What can give them a good night’s sleep? And, even what can enhance their sexual pleasure. What it’s not about, especially for baby-boomer or senior women, is getting high.

Micro-dosing cannabis is also popular with women. They also tend to prefer higher CBD to THC ratios in their products. That further demonstrates a desire to reap health benefits rather than “recreational” benefits from their purchases.

Also of note. some of the most popular edibles among women cannabis buyers are chocolates. Often times, women are buying 3:1 CBD to THC ratio cannabis-infused chocolate bars and other edibles.


Women are a powerful consumer group. Generally, women are the major decision-makers for health and wellness products and services for themselves, their families, and their aging parents in their care.

As more states come on-line with legal adult-use cannabis, retailers and manufacturers of cannabis and cannabis-related products and services need to pay special attention to women cannabis consumers. Their choices and preferences can make or break a brand and their buying power is undeniable.

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