Cannabis Users Now Tied With Cigarette Smokers.

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by Dan Larkin.

Cannabis users are now virtually tied with cigarette smokers. A new Gallup Poll shows that cigarette smoking is now at a historic low. At the same time, cannabis use is holding steady.

Cigarette smokers

Gallup surveyed adults in the U.S. They were asked if they had smoked a cigarette in the last week. Only 15% of those surveyed said they had. That is a new low number for the Gallup Poll which has asked the question since 1944. That year, the number stood at 41% and peaked in 1955 at 45% of all respondents. So, 15% is a dramatically low number. Congrats, if you’re among the folks that have quit smoking.

Cannabis consumers

Now, on the other side of the survey, Gallup found that self-reported cannabis use was basically steady. In 2013 the percentage of cannabis consumers stood at 7%. By 2015 the number stuck around between 11-15%. Now in 2019, that number is 12%.

Now, keep in mind that these are people who were asked to admit that they were consuming cannabis, even if illegal where they live. So, I think we can all agree the number is likely higher. (No pun intended…OK, maybe a little intended.)

If you add up all the numbers, it looks like roughly 27% of all American adults smoke something. But, we all know that one of those substances is really bad for you and the other one is cannabis.

There’s a lot more information to be gleaned from the Gallup Poll of cannabis users vs. cigarette smokers. For example, the number of people who have vaped is now at 19% for those 30 or younger. Also, the younger generation vapes more and consumes more cannabis than tobacco.

All in all, it looks like cigarette smoking is on the ropes. Meanwhile, cannabis consumption, as it becomes legal and accessible in more and more states, will likely overtake cigarettes. That’s really not a bad thing.

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