Travel the High Road: Five Fun Spots for the Cannabis Tourist

Five Fun Spots for the Cannabis Tourist

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If you’re hitting the road this summer and want to check out some unique and fun spots that feature cannabis, you’re in luck! As the country moves closer to full legal adult access to cannabis, you have plenty of options so Rolling Stone has done some looking around for you and come up with some places you might enjoy checking out. Here are five they liked. (click the link below.)

Laws are so strict in most places that cannabis social spaces — like a bar but for pot — are few and far between. Still, some innovative entrepreneurs are conceiving of a future where marijuana integrates into our weekend fun as seamlessly as alcohol does now. Here are the ultimate destinations for the cannabis tourist.[…]

Do you have any cannabis spots you’d recommend to a tourist coming to your area or maybe a spot you’ve visited and enjoyed? Share your Cannabis In Real Life experience with us! You can email us here. Or, use the Contact Form below.

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