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Cannabis Tattoos Are Going Mainstream

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by Dan Larkin.

Cannabis tattoos are going mainstream. It’s just the latest indication that the stigma surrounding cannabis is beginning to fade away.

I’m just old enough to remember when tattoos themselves had a stigma attached to them and were not exactly something you’d ever think your mom or teacher would have. Sure a sailor might have a “Mom” tattoo on his arm, but that was about it. But, as they say, times change.

Nowadays tattoos are commonplace. In fact, 36% of adults ages 18-29 have tattoos. Many have more than one. Oh, and you may have noticed. Women and men are equally enthusiastic about getting tattoos. In fact, in some countries, women are more likely to have a tattoo than men.

Cannabis tattoos, until recently, were often thought to be a sign of rebellion. A chance to assert one’s belief in something illegal and to some, immoral. But to others, it demonstrated their belief in the plant as medicine and as something that has greatly impacted their life.

Now that cannabis has been cannabis is becoming legal for adult use and medically, the desire for some to advertise their love of the plant through tattoos has grown.

“It is becoming a lot more acceptable, even in Idaho, for people to come into my shop to get weed tattoos.”

Desi Eleazar, co-owner of Altered Society Tattoo Company in Post Falls, ID

It’s not just Millenials who are getting cannabis tattoos either. Baby Boomers and Seniors are getting inked too. Many of us older folks have had a relationship with cannabis for decades. What better way to celebrate the acceptability of cannabis than to get a tat, right?

And as you can imagine there are gazillions of tattoo art options to choose from. While cannabis leaf tattoos seem to be a favorite, others have chosen to stand out with something more original. You know, like a tattoo of the compound-THC.

So while almost anything goes as far as getting a cannabis tattoo, there is one thing that many tattoo artists would ask. They would prefer you aren’t too stoned when you’re coming in to get inked. Same goes for being too intoxicated from booze. Make these types of decisions with a clear head.

Now, that’s not to say that cannabis consumption doesn’t go with tattooing. Actually, partaking prior to inking can relieve some anxiety and may even lessen the pain involved. But, don’t expect it to be pain-free.

“For clients that have smoked before coming in, I’ve noticed they seem to not want to sit long because it can make you hyperaware of the pain. Smoking is good for internal pains but for external pains, it can make you zero in on it.”

Desi Eleazar, co-owner of Altered Society Tattoo Company in Post Falls, ID

So, if you’ve been thinking about getting a cannabis tattoo, have at it. Sure, it still might not be popular with some folks, but the stigma is dying away and what better way to help the cause than by showing your solidarity with your fellow cannabis enthusiasts.

Oh, and if you aren’t quite there yet, you could always go with a temporary tattoo to start with! You know, to find the right placement. (And to see how your boss reacts!)

Do you have a cannabis tattoo? Are you considering one? Share your tattoo pics, thoughts, or designs with us at or in the comments section.

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