Cannabis Sends Snack & Candy Sales to New Highs

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by Dan Larkin

Legal cannabis in the US has sent snack & candy sales to new highs; much to the shock of….well…no one. This may be the least surprising release of data since the study that found that a healthy diet leads to a longer life.

Not to be outdone by that shocker, Nielsen released data showing how the legalization of cannabis affects the snacking industry. So, you may want to sit down before I share the results with you. Ready? Here we go.

The Snacks & Candy Cannabis Results

Drum roll, please! The results clearly indicate that, in states that have legalized cannabis, the sales revenue from snack foods and candy have outpaced sales in states without legal cannabis. Here’s what it looks like in real numbers. (Pro tip: “CAGR” stands for “Compound Annual Growth”.)

cannabis snacks candy sales
Source-The Nielsen Company

The Conclusion

It would be easy (and I mean really, really easy) to crack a couple of jokes here about how cannabis gives you the munchies. But, let’s face it. It’s now a proven fact. OK, maybe the correlation is a coincidence, right? I’ll give you that. It could be. But, come on! If you’ve ever smoked or otherwise consumed cannabis, you’ve probably, at one time or another, gotten the munchies. It’s very likely that you devoured some snacks or candy at a rate that would make my cat’s eating habits look polite and demure.

So, let’s accept that this data is likely a good indicator of the power of cannabis but let’s keep an eye on it as more and more states legalize cannabis. Right now, it looks like Illinois is up next, on January 1, 2020. So, if you live there, you might want to stock up now on Ding-Dongs and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. (Or, whatever snacks & candy you prefer. I picked those at random. (wink, wink)

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