Cannabis Saved My Life (Reader Submission)

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By Anonymous (A Cannabis In Real Life reader submission)

“Bob Anderson” (Not his real name.) has a Cannabis In Real Life story that will sound familiar to many. Hopefully, it will be shared with others who need to know that cannabis is truly saving lives. We’re so glad he’s sharing his experience and we hope you’ll share your story, your experience or your thoughts with us too. We want to be a place for everyone to share, learn, and come together to remove the stigma still associated with cannabis.

I had to break many laws in order to get the help I needed and it shouldn’t have to be this way.

Bob’s Story

In March of 2016, I had my first back surgery. Leading up to the back surgery I was taking pain pills and a lot of them. After my surgery, I continued taking pain pills and was addicted to them before I returned to work.

I struggled for months with the addiction until one night I almost took my own life. That was the end of taking pills for me.

I went to work after that episode and I couldn’t stay at work due to the withdrawals and the symptoms that went along with it. I told my boss that I needed to go to the ER to get some help for this flu I had. I had to lie about what I was going through to avoid being possibly fired. I went to the ER and was sent home with 0.5 mg clonidine and some other pills to help with withdrawals.

None of that worked for me and I was forced to seek out an alternative means of medicine for my withdrawals. I got on the dark web and ordered some THC vape cartridges and got myself through the withdrawals. I continued to use cannabis for pain, depression, and anxiety. My back eventually got worse again due to a car wreck I was involved in and I had to have screws and a plate put in February 8, 2019.

I was determined to not take pain pills after this second surgery. I had cannabis products stockpiled and ready for when I came home from the hospital. I took the least amount of pain pills that I could and I’m happy to say that cannabis got me through the second back surgery and also prevented addiction at the same time. I’m now walking around normal and enjoying my life all because of cannabis and of course my back surgeon.

I had to break many laws in order to get the help I needed and it shouldn’t have to be this way. It’s a disgrace that people in this country have to rely on opioids for pain when there are better alternatives such as cannabis out there.

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