Cannabis Patient’s Surprise Conversation with Governor Walz of Minnesota.

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A Cannabis In Real Life reader submission.

A medical cannabis patient’s surprise conversation with the Governor of Minnesota? Yes, it was a chance encounter at the St. Paul Farmer’s Market. Here’s Patti Jirovec’s Cannabis In Real Life account of her chat with Governor Tim Walz (D) of Minnesota.

St. Paul Farmer’s Market source: Patti Jirovec

Expect the unexpected.

When unexpected opportunities arise… I’ve learned to grab them.
Sunday morning, I made my way down to the St Paul Farmer’s Market, which I try to do most weekends if I’m in town, to find a film crew setting up.

I asked the photographer what it was for. Apparently, Governor Walz would be proclaiming this week as “Farmer’s Market Week” in MN.

I continued my wandering, and when I walked back past the photographers, at least 4 more had arrived. I decided to stick around and pulled my camera out too.

Photographers preparing at the St. Paul Farmer’s Market. source: Patti Jirovec

Patti talks with the governor about cannabis.

I watched and listened, and then thought, “Why not remind him of his promise to support the cannabis legalization movement, and ask for help?”

After the speech was done, I approached him off to the side. I introduced myself, explaining that I am in my 3rd year of the medical cannabis program, and am on the board of directors for MnNORML. I looked him in the eye and said “Help us…PLEASE. ”

“I looked him in the eye and said “Help us…PLEASE. ”

Cannabis patient Patti Jirovec to Governor Tim Walz (D) MN.

He seemed genuinely glad to have a conversation about it. He talked about the frustration of not being able to see a bill be brought up to talk about. And also, that of his top 3 priorities, cannabis legalization is one of them.

“He said that’s what we need to do to help him help us.”

Patti Jirovec on her cannabis conversation with Governor Tim Walz, (D) Minnesota

Governor Walz lays out what we all can do.

He also said that we (interested people, advocates, supporters) need to continue to be out there educating, normalizing cannabis in conversation, and explaining what’s needed in Minnesota to get this done. (That would be contacting your representatives and let them know what you want. )

He said that’s what we need to do to help him help us.

His assistant came over and took pictures, and I gave his assistant my business card.

Is the future rosy for cannabis in Minnesota? source: Patti Jirovec

Then I bought my flowers and headed home.

Patti Jirovec heads home with flowers in tow, after a cannabis conversation with MN. Governor Tim Walz (D). source: Patti Jirovec

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