Cannabis-inspired gifts for Mother’s Day

Cannabis-Inspired Gifts for Mother’s Day

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Don’t kid yourself. There are a lot of moms that would enjoy a Mother’s Day that included a cannabis-inspired gift. Seriously. Whether it’s taking her to a dispensary to pick out soothing bath bombs or delicious chocolate edibles, or booking a CBD massage for her, there are lots of cannabis-themed gift ideas that would make mom happy. Get to the ideas by clicking the link below.

According to data provided by Headset, an analytics service for the cannabis industry, weed sales on Mother’s Day weekend in 2018 were higher than average weekend sales. Maybe some of us were buying Mother’s Day gifts while others were just trying to medicate themselves enough to make it through brunch. Either way, one in five dispensary customers is a parent. 

First of all, parents are becoming more and more comfortable using cannabis as part of their wellness routine. Those who might have stopped using it as they entered parenthood may have picked it up again once you fled the nest or even decades later as they entered retirement — a testament to the impacts of modern research, wellness branding, legalization and decreasing social stigmas. […]

Are you a mom who would appreciate a cannabis-inspired Mother’s Day? Or are you thinking about a cannabis-themed gift for your mom? Let us know about your Cannabis In Real Life plans. You can email us here. Or use the handy Contact Form below

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