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Cannabis In Real Life: Fionna’s Story

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by Dan Larkin

This is a Cannabis In Real Life Exclusive: Fionna’s Story.

Fionna Sebastiano contacted us at because she wanted to share her story. It’s her real-life story about how cannabis has given her her life back.

She knows the stigma surrounding cannabis is preventing others from trying it. If her story inspires someone else to feel better, to get off opioids, to return to a normal life, then she’s done some good.

We hope Fionna’s story encourages you to share yours with us too! Cannabis In Real Life was founded in the hopes of doing just that. We want to share real stories from real people, just like you.

Please watch this short video and share our website with anyone you think might benefit from it. It’s helpful to know there are lots of people out there who are changing their minds about cannabis. And, as a result, they’re getting their lives back, reducing their pain, their anxiety, or for some, even just sleeping better.

Cannabis In Real Life: Fionna’s Story

Cannabis in Real Life: Fionna’s Story-Video Transcript

I was a hairstylist for 20 years.

My back started hurting when I was working and I thought it was just because I’m tall and I’m bending over, you know, cutting hair.

 And then it started getting worse to the point where I was having trouble walking even to my clients. After I did a haircut the pain was so bad that I was having trouble even finishing my day.

They wanted to do burning of the nerve endings in my spine and I had to think about that because I didn’t want to be a guinea pig anymore. And so my sister in law said, “Are you sure you want to do this?” I said no.

Cannabis In Real Life: Fionna’s Story- Fionna Sebastiano didn’t want to live with the pills and the pain anymore so she made a decision.

Fionna’s life-changing decision.

I was so sick and in so much pain that I felt like I was going to pass out. My face was white. I was sweating. I was hanging out her (car) window and she pulled over and pulled out of joint and she said, “I need you to trust me right now. You need to trust me.”

And she lit the joint and I hit it twice.

I started to sit up and I started to feel better and I hadn’t had any pain medication that day. She said, “You look better. You look like you’re feeling better. You’re not sweating. Your face is…your color is coming back to your face. Try a couple more hits”.

So I did. And of course, I had to think a little more because I’ve never felt like that in so long. I felt at least 50 percent better trying the cannabis in just four hits of that joint than I felt in all those years of being on those narcotics and all those medications I’ve been taking.

Fionna’s progress in real life.

I became a patient in Michigan. My medical cannabis doctor in Michigan told me that within a year I would be off of at least half of my medications that I was on. And I’m proud to say within two years I got off of 15 to 20 medications.

Fionna and her daughter are thrilled with her improved health, thanks to medical cannabis.

Some Cannabis In Real Life advice from her.

My words of advice for anyone that is open to cannabis is, please have an open mind. Do your research. Ask questions. Talk to other cannabis patients.

 I wish people knew that cannabis was not such a threat to society and they weren’t so scared of it and they weren’t so scared of us as cannabis patients.

My name is Fionna Sebastiano. I’m a mother, a wife, and a cannabis patient.

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