Cannabis In Real Life: An Iraq War Veteran’s Story

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This is a Cannabis In Real Life reader submission from “Trent”. Trent wrote to us after reading our story from 4/23 entitled, “Veterans Line Up for Free Cannabis Vouchers”.

The story described the unique program established by a cannabis dispensary in California that worked with their local VFW location to give out vouchers to US military veterans for a small amount of free cannabis. Our veterans across this country are still waiting for full, legal access to cannabis to treat a wide range of symptoms including PTSD, pain, opioid addiction, stress, and more. Here’s what Trent had to say:

Trent’s Story

I am a veteran of the Iraq campaign and I benefit from cannabis.

I use it for anxiety and depression associated with my PTSD which I manage with said medicine. The effects don’t leave me as the colazapam did and I still can perform my daily routine.

I hate that my state is so harsh about cannabis, especially when it’s used by a responsible adult who is just trying to live calmly day to day.


Are you a veteran who is ready to share your Cannabis In Real Life story? Or, maybe you have a family member or loved one who is helped by cannabis or could benefit from access to it. You can use the Contact Form below or email us your story to:

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