Cannabis Helps Tom Brokaw Deal With Cancer Pain.

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Cannabis helps Tom Brokaw deal with cancer pain. The former NBC news anchor has been living with multiple myeloma since diagnosed six years ago. Multiple myeloma is a blood cancer. It turns out, it’s incurable but is treatable.

Brokaw has always been active on the job and also away from work. Biking and climbing were some of his favorites activities. He’s a big fisherman too. But, six years ago he started being bothered by back pain that wouldn’t subside.

Brokaw’s Cancer Diagnosis

His personal physician took it upon himself to test his blood. He was concerned about what he found so he sent Tom to the Mayo Clinic where they diagnosed his cancer.

“I’ve got a fatal cancer.” I don’t wake up thinking that way.

Tom Brokaw-Senior Correspondent, NBCNews

After his initial diagnosis and a few days of tests, Brokaw flew home to Montana to tell his wife, Meredith, about the diagnosis. He credits her with being his “rock”.

It turns out, Brokaw’s stay at home was short-lived. You see, he learned he had a hole in his pelvis and it was painful. Tom returned to the Mayo Clinic because the pain was becoming excruciating.

The pain was still hard to manage after his release so he tried medical cannabis. That’s where he found relief.

Cannabis Helps Tom Brokaw Deal With Cancer

 I’m now on medical marijuana for my back for the first time.
I’ve not done that before, but in Florida, it’s complex, and I revel in it full-time.

Tom Brokaw on battling pain from cancer.

The medical cannabis has done for him what nothing else could do. It distracted him from the consistent, nearly debilitating pain in his back. That has been key to keeping Brokaw, who’ll be 80 next year, active.

He’s planning a trip to Morrocco for two of their grandchildren and their parents. He’s also planning some “guys fishing trips” to Montana and Wyoming.

Cannabis helps Tom Brokaw deal with cancer. It can’t cure it, but it is helping support the life he wants to keep on living, for as long as he can.

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