Veterans Line Up for Free Cannabis Vouchers

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US military veterans are being honored for their service in a unique and compassionate way in Santa Cruz, CA. They gather at the VFW hall every Monday to receive a voucher for free cannabis from a local dispensary.

At 5 PM on the first Monday of every month, some 200 military veterans gather at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall in downtown Santa Cruz. About three quarters of them are Baby Boomers – Vietnam-era vets now in their 70s — along with several remaining elders who served in World War II.

At these meetings, the former servicemen and women find comradery, community and a voucher for a free gift bag of medical marijuana – given away by […]

Are you a veteran who benefits from cannabis? Do you think all veterans should have access to free cannabis? What can you do to help veterans in your area? Share your Cannabis In Real Life thoughts in the Contact From below or email your story to us at:

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