Cannabis Chew? Yep, It's a Thing And It Just Might Be Revolutionary

Cannabis Chew? Yep, It’s a Thing And It Just Might Be Revolutionary

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Cannabis chews are one of those products that, once you hear about it, you wish you’d have thought of it first. It’s pretty much what you might think: a small pouch (smaller than a tobacco chew pouch) that rests under your tongue and releases cannabinoids more quickly to your brain and body, bypassing the liver. Some say it’s better than vaping or edibles.

How a couple of savvy entrepreneurs discovered a new, and possibly improved, way to consume cannabis. We talked with Case Mandel, co-founder of the California-based Cannadips company, about his product’s origin story and development, and how it may be a better consumption method than vapes and edibles. Describe what […]

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