Cannabis burger? Yep – Carl’s Jr. is testing ‘Rocky Mountain High’

Cannabis Burger? Yep – Carl’s Jr. is Testing ‘Rocky Mountain High’

April 20th is unofficially Cannabis Day. The 420 holiday (especially at 4:20 pm) is celebrated around the world and is getting bigger every year. So big in fact that Carl’s Jr. has jumped on-board with a one-day only, one-city only promotion of a CBD-infused burger. To no one’s surprise, they will charge…you guessed it. $4.20.

(Photo credit: Carl’s Jr. Facebook)

Carl’s Jr. is testing out a cannabis burger to stay at the forefront of the CBD trend. The chain said on Wednesday that it will sell the Rocky Mountain High: CheeseBurger Delight burger at one location in Denver, Colorado for just one day (April 20th, […]

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