Recent Research Bolsters the Case That Cannabis Benefits Seniors

Research: Cannabis Benefits Senior Citizens

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Seniors and baby boomers are a fast-growing segment of cannabis consumers. While many are coming back to re-visit something they enjoyed in their youth, many others have turned to cannabis because of health and wellness reasons. But, is cannabis really a panacea for seniors? How and how much are seniors really benefiting? Now, new research paints a clear picture.

If a senior customer is interested in learning more about the success rate of other seniors dropping their opioids and other harsh medications for cannabis, I can now refer them to the DENT study. It was conducted by researchers at DENT Neurologic Institute, and claims that, “70 percent of those studied reported a significant increase in their quality of life after being prescribed medical marijuana, and more than 30 percent were able to get off of their opioid painkillers.” […]

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