can I become desensitized to CBD

Can You Become Desensitized to CBD?

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by Dan Larkin

Can you become desensitized to CBD over time? That’s a question that many people ponder as they find that CBD has now become part of their daily health regime. You’re probably wondering if your body or brain starts to get used to it whether you’ll have to up your dosage in order to continue to see the original benefit you received.

Well, that is a good question and it’s one that was posed to Dr. Michelle Ross, Ph.D. She’s a neuroscientist, cannabis coach and author. She’s spent a lot of time helping patients by coaching them on the incorporation of cannabis to relieve anxiety, as well as emotional and physical pain.

Dr. Michele Ross, Ph.D

Dr. Ross is a strong cannabis advocate who’s spent years studying addiction in an academic setting and now is happy to be sharing her knowledge and advice. She has her own website too, where you can learn more about her cannabis coaching.

Here’s the scoop

Dr. Ross says that from what she’s seen from other patients is that you don’t need to increase your dose of CBD over time. In other words, no, you won’t become desensitized to CBD over time. So, that’s good news for anyone who may be coming off of opioids, which do cause most people to continue to up their dosage.

I’ve seen with other patients, you don’t need to increase the dose. Your body isn’t going to become ridiculously tolerant to CBD or even THC. 

Dr. Michele Ross

She advises that if you feel that your CBD or THC dose seems at all less effective, to simply take a break from it for a day. You see, you only need about 24-48 hours for your body to reset its tolerance for it. Again, this is not the case with opioids. With cannabis or CBD, you won’t suffer any withdrawal symptoms as you do with opioids.

If you’re using cannabis products with THC and you take a break and find you have trouble sleeping, simply take some CBD and that should take care of the issue. And again, you really only need to occasionally take a day or two break to essentially reset your tolerance for the THC.

What else does she recommend?

First, she recommends that, if possible, you have on hand, cannabis with CBD, some with THC, and even some with THC-A. THC-A is the cannabinoid that converts to THC after heating it. In its original form, THC-A can benefit you by decreasing or eliminating pain for a lot of ailments.

If any patient thinks their product isn’t working for them anymore, I would suggest buying a tincture or product with THC-A in it. You don’t need to take as much of that as you do CBD or THC. But THC-A is just fabulous for autoimmune pain, fibro pain, arthritis, etc. I recommend every patient has a THC tincture, a THC-A tincture, and a CBD tincture. That way you can explore what works for you — two drops of this, 10 drops of that.

Dr. Michele Ross

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So, at the end of the day, the answer to the question, “Can you become desensitized to CBD is, no. That’s great to know. Also, if you’re someone who’s taking opioids and finding you are needing to continue to up your dosage, you might want to look into cannabis and CBD as an alternative.

As always, you should be talking to your health care professionals about this, if for no other reason, so that they can learn how well cannabis and CBD can work as an alternative treatment. But also, we want you to stay safe and healthy.

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