Can Marijuana Help Alzheimer's Patients?

Can Cannabis Help Alzheimer’s Patients?

Alzheimer’s Disease is a devastating illness with no known cure. Research continues on many fronts and some progress has been made. But, one area that shows promise has been blocked from receiving federal money for studies. That would be cannabis. Cannabis remains a Schedule 1 drug in the eyes of the federal government and that means they believe there is no medical benefit. That has to change.

“The first night that we gave it to him was the first night that he slept through the night in, I’d say, weeks. It was remarkable,” Greg said. “I mean, it was noticeable the first time. The next day was positive … we had really quality time … we could have a discussion with him where it seemed like he could comprehend.”

Forester has heard other anecdotal stories of patients like Spier, who found relief in medical marijuana in his final months. But despite the widespread availability of medical and recreational marijuana, physicians don’t have the data they need to responsibly prescribe it.

“If I were to tell a patient of mine to go to the store, I wouldn’t know what THC to CBD ratio to recommend. I wouldn’t know which of the many products you can buy over the counter would be actually helpful or right for them,” Forester said. “There are so many very detailed questions that are completely unanswered in this area.”[…]

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