Boomers and Bongs – How Safe Is Medical Marijuana for Older Adults?

How Safe Is Medical Cannabis for Older Adults?

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As older adults turn to cannabis and start to incorporate it into their daily routines, many people (mostly their kids) begin to wonder if its a good idea for “old folks” to be enjoying cannabis. What if they get high and fall down? What if they ingest too much and get the munchies? What about their hearts? Can they take it? While most of the concern is probably unfounded, if not downright laughable, there are some things to seriously consider. Read on to learn more about Seniors, Baby Boomers, and cannabis. (Click the link below.)

I read a tongue-in-cheek quip the other day that said, “Talk with your grandparents about marijuana – before somebody else does.” While this is clearly a clever play on the slogan from years gone by aimed at keeping kids off drugs, it’s really not that far off the mark. […]

Are you a Senior or Boomer consumes cannabis? Do your children (or others) express concern about it? Are you concerned? Share your Cannabis In Real Life story. Email us here. Or, use the Contact Form below.

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