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Bong & Pipe Cleaning is a Growing Business

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by Dan Larkin

Bong & pipe cleaning is important. And, it’s a growing business. While vaping, and prerolls (pre-rolled joints) have been stealing the spotlight, bongs and pipes continue to chug along as a favored means of cannabis consumption for many.

But, as most people know, if you don’t take care of your bong, you’re going to “harsh your buzz”, both figuratively and literally. Who hasn’t heard a story about nasty bong water? Or worse, who’s taken a hit from a dirty bong or spilled it on the carpet or couch? Not cool man. Not cool.

A dirty pipe is just about as bad. The more it’s used, the more tar-like resin builds up inside it. It can ruin the smell and taste of cannabis’ terpenes. Worse yet, when heated enough in the pipe, it can liquify and end up on your teeth, lips, and mouth. Trust me, it’s not going to be your favorite cannabis smoking experience.

Bong & pipe cleaning to the rescue

So, where there’s a problem, there’s an opportunity. In this case, the problem of dirty bongs & pipes is not one that people like to deal with themselves. Cleaning them ranks up there with toilet plunging for some.

That’s where Pedro Crisanto comes in. He owns House of Smoke in East Hollywood. While a big part of his business is selling bongs & pipes, he also offers a cleaning service for them.

The House of Smoke in East Hollywood, CA

Crisanto admits he’s not much of a weed smoker himself, but he does espouse the virtues of a clean paraphernalia. He just wants people to “have a good taste when they hit the bong.”

What does it cost?

The service is fairly inexpensive. House of Smoke charges $3 for pipes and a mere $5 to $7 for bongs, depending on size. The service is kind of like a drycleaning business. You can drop off the offending pipe or bong and usually pick it up, all nice and clean, the next day.

Right now, Pedro cleans about 20-30 pipes & bongs weekly. As you can imagine, his business is growing fast as more and more people are enjoying legal cannabis in California and word gets out about his service.

“The more salt you use, the better it cleans,”

Pedro Cristanto

Pedro says that there are a lot of products advertised for cleaning bongs & pipes but he doesn’t think they do a great job. He thinks his method is best. It involves a mixture of rubbing alcohol and salt. The exact amount of each depends on the size of the job.

Pedro’s pro tip for anyone looking to clean their own bong? Don’t use hot water. It can actually cause your bong to break and then you’ve got a nasty bong water situation on the carpet again. Not cool. Not. cool.

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