Bodega owners want green light to sell marijuana if cannabis is legalized

NYC: Bodega owners want green light to sell cannabis if it’s legalized

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There are over 15,000 bodegas (small markets) in New York City. Each one of them is an important part of the neighborhoods and boroughs they serve. Many of the owners say it’s only natural that they should be allowed to sell cannabis to their customers.

NEW YORK (WABC) — Bodega owners want state politicians to allow them to sell marijuana in the city’s 15,000 stores if legal cannabis gets the green light. Workers at Anthony’s Mini Market bodega in the Bronx know the cost illegal marijuana had on their community. “It would be a […]

Should NYC bodegas be allowed to sell cannabis? WHat about where you live? Should cannabis be sold like cigarettes or beer at grocery stores and mini marts Share your Cannabis In Real Life thoughts in the comments section or email your take on all of this to:

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